We hope you had an enjoyable and wonderful time this Thanksgiving holiday but now it’s time to talk turkey. No really, it’s time to talk turkey leftovers.

Now that all forms of potatoes, sliced turkey and gelatin molds have found their rightful place in burped Tupperware on your fridge shelves, here is a roundup of the best recipes for those Thanksgiving leftovers that aren’t sandwiches (not that there is anything wrong with turkey sandwiches.) 

Thanksgiving Casserole.    Casseroles are great for combining lots of leftovers and this dish comes in real handy with this staple recipe for Thanksgiving casserole. 

Leftover Turkey Carcass Soup.   Don’t dump that turkey carcass following the rescue of the wishbone. Turns out, it makes a fantastic soup that is hearty and puts those good bones to good use. 

Fried Mashed Potato Balls.   Mashed potatoes can get cold and old real fast and there is fried potatoes are always a winner. 

Annie’s Turkey Salad Recipe.   We don’t know Annie personally but this turkey salad sounds like a little slice of heaven on a slice of bread. 

Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza.  Over the whole casserole option? Then this is the recipe for you! Turkey gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and some cheese and butter and voila! You’ve got Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza.

Thanksgiving Ring Crescent Roll Recipe.    I don’t know about you but I always over purchase those tubes of crescent rolls. Even if you don’t, grab a few tubes and bake in those leftovers.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Lasagna.   Lasagna…yum. Think casserole with ricotta and lasagna noodles. Can’t-lose on this one! 

Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey 3-Cheese Quesadillas.   This recipe would be delish even if you weren’t using leftovers and don’t forget the sour cream!