This week’s blog and Friday fun fact are all about Christmas trees. Here are some fun and unknown facts about Christmas trees:

Evergreens weren’t always the most popular tree choice for Christmas. Hawthorn and cherry trees have also enjoyed some popularity a few hundred years back. However, noble firs, Douglas firs, white, Scotch and Virginia pines are today’s most popular choices in the U.S.

Christmas trees have been around a long time. Before Christianity, plants that enjoyed verdant, green coloring throughout the year were quite special and celebrated during the winter months. For whatever odd reason, evergreens or trees and shrubs that stayed green all year were used as decoration to keep away evil spirits and even illness. Wait, what holiday is this again?

In the U.S. Christmas trees are grown in ALL 50 states. That’s right, even in Hawaii! Mele Kalikimaka, everyone!

The Christmas tree tradition dates back to Germany and the 16th century. The now-dangerous tradition of candles on Christmas trees was rumored to be started by Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. PLEASE, do not try candles on your tree at home!

The Christmas tree industry is a lucrative one with an estimated 100,000 people involved in it each year. Broken down that accounts of 15,000 Christmas tree farms in the U.S!

Queen Victoria’s penchant for images of her and her family centered around a Christmas tree during the holidays sparked the popularity that spread to the United States.

Americans preferred their trees big, tall and fluffy while Europeans liked them short and small or around 4ft. However, it was the European influence that also brought about the popularity of hanging ornaments on trees.

Perhaps the most famous Christmas tree in America or at least the most iconic is the one displayed at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The tree’s yearly appearance and tradition date back to 1931.