The taxi app Uber wants to find out more about who its riders might be—or to be exact, how intoxicated they could be. The company’s plan is to be able to not only figure out where a potential rider is, but how sloppy their texting is and even how they are holding their phone. 

Uber claims that the move to determine how drunk a rider it would help protect their drivers. However, in recent news, Uber drivers have engaged in some unsavory behavior including a recent investigation by CNN that found that 103 Uber drivers were accused of sexual abuse or assault. 

The recent news of Uber filing for an AI or artificial intelligence patent has caused concern not just for the aforementioned investigation but over a data breach of personal data from its over 100,000 drivers and how it uses controversial software to know where its drivers and customers are at all times and in real time. 

Of those 103 Uber drivers, 31 were convicted of rape and false imprisonment while driving for Uber. With some studies showing that Uber has actually cut down on drunk driving fatalities, it makes sense that many intoxicated riders would get a safe ride home rather than risk their lives and the lives of others on the road. 

And for female riders that might be intoxicated, this would put them in a position to be picked up by a potential predator that would know they are vulnerable. 

What do you think of Uber drivers being able to identify intoxicated riders?