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Fun Facts About Summer That You May Not Know

-It’s not your imagination that it’s harder to get into the movie theater during the summer for that blockbuster film. It’s the most lucrative time for movie studios to release their films. Jaws still tops the all-time summer blockbuster followed by Star Wars and Jurassic Park. -If you’ve ever wondered where the term, “dog days [...]

7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Star Wars

As we celebrate May the Fourth and the legendary film franchise that has amassed generations and legions of fans both young, old, and die hard here are some mind-blowing facts from the Star Wars film that started it all. 1. The trash is in the death star trash compactor was actually trash! The actor's reactions [...]

President’s Day Fun Presidential Facts

In honor of President’s Day weekend, we bring you some fun facts that you may not know about our nation’s past presidents. Facts like: did George Washington really have wooden teeth? -John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, July, 4 1826. Recognize the date? That’s right, it was 50 years to the [...]

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Quick Facts Friday: Useless Trivia

Amaze your friends, win at team trivia or just have a few little bits of information to share with co- workers on Monday. Check out these fun facts that you may not know: -You may avoid drinking Coca-Cola if it wasn’t colored brown. It’s actual color? Green. -It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. [...]

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