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How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums for Teen and College Drivers

It’s back-to-school time for college students and whether your student is new or returning to classes this year, you will want to cut some expenses where you can. One place you can start is auto insurance. In fact, you might be overpaying in spite of data that points to most teens and college-aged students comprise [...]

AAA Study Shows Drivers Have Significantly Less Stopping Time on Worn Tires

The only thing predictable about Florida’s summer months are the afternoon thunderstorms and random “gully washers” that instantaneously flood roads and streets. New research released by AAA this week shows that Florida drivers traveling on highways with worn tires in wet conditions could have a hard time stopping. In fact, the increased average stopping distance [...]

Pedestrian and Cyclist Fatalities on the Rise

pedestrian fatalities on the rise The next time you see a crosswalk you may want to proceed with extreme caution, according to the annual Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Recent data from state highway safety agencies in 2015 shows the largest spike in pedestrian deaths ever recorded and the final numbers are not even [...]