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AAA Study Shows Drivers Have Significantly Less Stopping Time on Worn Tires

The only thing predictable about Florida’s summer months are the afternoon thunderstorms and random “gully washers” that instantaneously flood roads and streets. New research released by AAA this week shows that Florida drivers traveling on highways with worn tires in wet conditions could have a hard time stopping. In fact, the increased average stopping distance [...]

Summer Safe Driving Campaign Starts this Week in Florida and Four Other States

Heads up Florida drivers. In an effort to curb traffic accidents and fatalities, Florida police have joined four other states to launch, “Operation Southern Shield.” The weeklong program started this week and includes: Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. As part of the campaign, police will be cracking down on drivers that are not [...]

Tampa’s Cars To Start Talking to Each Other

If cars could talk what would they say? If you are a Florida driver living in Tampa, they will talk safety to other buses, street cars and other private vehicles. A pilot program that’s slated to launch later this year in New York City, Wyoming and now Tampa, will allow these vehicles to communicate via [...]

Do you REALLY Need Car Rental Insurance

by Angela Cavallari Walker It’s that moment that most people dread at the car rental counter. O.k., I do. “Would you like to add car rental insurance?” The question hangs in the air and is generally followed by a diatribe of horror stories of what will not be covered and the 17 lines where you [...]

One Lawmaker Wants Seat Belts on All School Buses

by Angela Cavallari Walker Very few of us forget the first time we rode on a school bus—the pungent odor of vinegar-laced bacteria, seats severely damaged by sunlight, and windows that required coordination and determination to open. Rhode Island and the United States have not forgotten about the horrible school bus tragedy that took the [...]

Pedestrian and Cyclist Fatalities on the Rise

pedestrian fatalities on the rise The next time you see a crosswalk you may want to proceed with extreme caution, according to the annual Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Recent data from state highway safety agencies in 2015 shows the largest spike in pedestrian deaths ever recorded and the final numbers are not even [...]