September is Update Your Resume Month: 4 Tips

//September is Update Your Resume Month: 4 Tips

September is Update Your Resume Month: 4 Tips

Typically, your resume should be up-to-date following starting a new job or perhaps a promotion. A good rule of thumb is to update it each year so that it’s fresh and you have the chance to add any other acquired skills or certifications. September is Update Your Resume Month and in celebration here are 5 tips.

  1. Consider your visual style and layout. Resume trends also change just like fashion. The nice part about this is that you can keep most of what is already written.

2. Check and update your skills. Even the most minimal training related to your role be it a seminar, or just shadowing another employee, this should be added to your skill set.

3. Update your work history. Go over your work history and check for any gaps in employment along with dates. Additionally, one-page resumes are the most desirable to recruiters so consider removing a job that is no longer relevant to your skill set.

4. Highlight your wins. Sales professionals are all too familiar with bringing numbers and percentages into a job interview. Don’t forget to highlight many of your accomplishments and make sure they stand out on your resume. Ex: spearheaded project that resulted in…xyz.

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