Mold not only lowers the value of your home but can cause serious health problems and concerns for those living around a mold. September being National Mold Awareness Month (who knew?) we wanted to share how to spot mold in your home and how to prevent it from growing. These tips are especially important for Florida homeowners due to the amount of moisture in The Sunshine State. 

How to spot mold in your home:

You may not be able to see mold but your nose is the biggest clue and indicator. If you smell mold, it’s present even if you can’t see it. Take the time to hire a professional test and treat it immediately. Mold can grow quickly and become a bigger issue and you might be cutting off bigger issues such as a plumbing problem.

Here are some tips on preventing mold from growing in your home.

—Combat mold by keeping indoor humidity to a minimum by opening a window while showering to allow moisture to escape.

—If you are cooking or running the dishwasher flip on the exhaust fan and allow that steam to be sucked out of the room.

—Invest in a moisture meter so that you can track your humidity level which is available from $10 to $40 at your local hardware or home improvement stores. Ideally, you want your indoor humidity to hover below or around 60 percent.

—Dehumidifiers are also a great investment not just for preventing humidity but for allergies as well.

Last but not least, it’s always worth the money to also hire a professional to treat mold even if you think you have gotten rid of it.