Safety Tips for Older Motorcycle Riders Re-Entering the Road

//Safety Tips for Older Motorcycle Riders Re-Entering the Road

Safety Tips for Older Motorcycle Riders Re-Entering the Road

Fifty is the new twenty when it comes to motorcycle riders re-entering and reconnecting with the freedom of motorcycle riding. But the days when Peter Fond and Dennis Hopper got street cred from other respect from other drivers while riding their choppers across the country is a bygone era.

Here’s some staggering and downright frightening statistics accompanied by motorcycle safety tips for riders over 50.

Motorcyclists are outnumbered by other motor vehicles and drivers and only account for 3% of all motorists on the road. However, 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2014 were motorcycle riders, according to Injury Facts®. This is why skipping any type of rider safety course is just insane. Today’s courses offer tips for riders to deal with the amount of distracted drivers on the roads. Oh, and it knocks down your motorcycle insurance rate. A win-win!

Motorcycle riders over the age of 50 accounted for 35% of motorcycle fatalities in 2015. Back when riders were in their 20s the biggest distraction was looking down for a second to change the radio station. Now, it’s a much larger widespread problem in drivers of all ages. Eyes are off the road long enough to answer texts and read long emails. It’s no wonder older riders are in a higher risk category. It’s important to riders to remember that in spite of you having the right of way, the days of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper getting respect on their choppers is long gone. Assume that every driver is distracted and doesn’t see you.

Nearly 2,000 motorcyclists that died in 2015 did not have on a helmet. The ladies that see riders wearing a helmet think you are pretty smart and sexy. Just remember that before riding off into the sunset.

It might be tempting to feel the need for speed on a “supersport bike” but they come with death rates four times higher than a Harley or standard motorcycles. When shopping make sure your new hog comes with anti-lock brakes as well and spring for the leather jacket as well. Like a helmet, you want to protect your body from road rash.

Now, get your motor running!

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