How to Protect Your Business During a Hurricane

//How to Protect Your Business During a Hurricane

How to Protect Your Business During a Hurricane

Hurricanes show Mother Nature’s fury at its worst, and can wreak havoc on people’s lives and businesses. In order for a business to survive a hurricane with as little impact as possible, there are many things that can be done to help employees manage and keep a business going through the tough times.

The first of these is making sure your business has a emergency management plan. Have a person, preferably an owner or manager, be in charge of the disaster team. Develop an evacuation plan for employees and customers, and make sure all employees are thoroughly trained in emergency procedures. Make sure adequate supplies are available in case the weather traps you for a few days.

Having a well-stocked first aid kit in addition to enough food and water for one week will give everyone peace of mind. All employees should have a specific job to do in the event of an emergency, and should be cross-trained to do other jobs in case co-workers are injured or absent that day.

Guarding equipment and inventory AND having a copy of your commercial property insurance policy is crucial in natural disasters. If there is enough time to prepare, all computers and electrical equipment should be stored in watertight containers, as should all documents. The containers should not only be watertight, but also fire-resistant in the event of fires caused by downed power lines or gas explosions.

Inventory should be moved to other areas of the building or shipped somewhere else until the storm passes. Because employees may be helping with this, have a roster of all employees who are on duty during the storm. This roster should have multiple copies, with some copies on-site and others off-site in a secure location in case they are needed by emergency workers in search and rescue operations.

Preparing for the worst can be time-consuming, but if the day comes when faced with a hurricane you and your employees will be very glad you took the time to prepare.

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