New Research Shows Teens Happier When Not on Smartphones

//New Research Shows Teens Happier When Not on Smartphones

New Research Shows Teens Happier When Not on Smartphones

Smartphones are not just a danger of distracted driving and teen drivers, it also impedes overall happiness and self-esteem, according to a recent study published by San Diego State University and the University of Georgia.

The study results were compiled using data from approximately 1.1 million teens living in the United States. Over the last six years, satisfaction among teens has not just dipped but nose-dived due to the number of time teens spend online.

The technological revolution of having the internet literally at your fingertips all started in 2007 when the smartphone was born.

Today, at a minimum, 73 percent of teens own a smartphone when compared to just around 37 percent in 2012.

While social media use has shown some positive results for teens it’s hard to decipher what the right amount is.

Similar to too much TV screen time, online time has replaced it as less and less time is spent watching programs on television.

Turns out, activities that pull teens away from any screen is a good thing and leads to a higher self-esteem and satisfaction with their overall lives.

Here are some ways to get your kids to put down their smartphones and tune into life again.

—Apps. Ironically, you will have to get on your smartphone and search the many apps out there to shut down your phones. Here is an app called, Our Pact.

—Schedule activities. Kids that engage in sports or outdoor activities are more likely to suffer from less depression and more engagement. It doesn’t have to be sports. Dance, theater, an art class. Anything that allows them to disconnect.

—Set rules. Whether it’s a no smartphone rule in the car, or at the dinner table you will want to set a no-screen time and make sure you stick to it.

—Eat dinner as a family. The dinner table is the perfect place to connect again as family with no distractions.

—Set a good example. Are you spending too much time on your smartphone? Make sure that everyone is adhering to the rules including mom and dad!

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