Memorial Day Weekend 2018 Travel Tips for Drivers Before Hitting the Road

//Memorial Day Weekend 2018 Travel Tips for Drivers Before Hitting the Road

Memorial Day Weekend 2018 Travel Tips for Drivers Before Hitting the Road

In spite of rising gas prices, 88 percent of drivers will be hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend, according to AAA Travel and Publishing.

In fact, AAA projects that most Memorial Day travelers will be even higher than last year—up 4.7 percent compared to last year and the highest in twelve years.

Here is a list of travel tips for drivers to help save time, avoid traffic and most importantly, the stress of travel.

Change travel time:  if you are able, leave on Wednesday night instead of Thursday or worse, Friday. Those are expected to be the peak times for travelers and sharing the road with 36.6 million drivers means it will be crowded.

Pack snacks and beverages:  Packing snacks means less whining about who’s hungry and having to pull off exit ramp for multiple meals. This also means that you can better control your travel schedule.

Designate more than one driver:  avoid the dangers of highway hypnosis or drowsy driving which puts EVERYONE in your vehicle and on the road at a heightened risk. If you plan on driving all night, allow one licensed driver to sleep or nap and while you are on your shift behind the wheel.

Check your tire pressure:  when you fill your tank check your manual for the proper tire pressure, check your tires and top it off if needed. The proper tire pressure not only extends your gas mileage but helps with the life of your tires and prevents blow-outs.

Windshield wipers check:  Most Florida drivers are used to checking the wear and tear on their windshield wipers, but if you notice any cracking in the rubber, it’s worth it to swing by the local auto parts store and replace them before hitting the highway.

Bring your apps:  If you have a co-pilot it’s worth it bring the technology along with you. Dodge traffic by downloading the navigation app, Waze, and Gas Buddy to save some dough on those gas prices.

Lastly, never drive distracted, drowsy or impaired in any way. Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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