The last thing that Florida homeowners needed to hear was the red tide or toxic algae was not wiped out by Hurricane Michael, according to weather experts.

Turns out, the only thing Hurricane Michael wiped out was homes and that smelly, pesky algae that have been hanging around The Sunshine State will get worse.

You can blame on it climate change AND all the rain that actually aids in the growth of this algae, says Robert Weisberg Professor of Physical Oceanography Robert at USF.

In addition to the horrible stench, the red tide has taken the lives of Florida’s sealife including thousands and thousands of fish, sea turtles and even manatees—horrible, right?

But it’s not just sea life that has suffered, humans in Florida have experienced breathing problems from the carcasses of the aforementioned sealife.

In all fairness, hurricanes have never cleared out red tide but this year’s algae nuisance seems to be more resilient than prior years.