Fun Fathers’ Day Facts You May Not Know

//Fun Fathers’ Day Facts You May Not Know

Fun Fathers’ Day Facts You May Not Know

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday and a day that was set aside on June 19, 1910, to honor all the dads in our lives.

Here is a breakdown of some fast facts about this holiday:

Let’s start with the chosen date of Father’s Day. It was actually a woman that came up with the idea to celebrate Father’s Day. Sonora Dodd was so moved by her own father’s sacrifice to raise her and her five siblings on his own, that she chose the date based on her father’s birthday.

It was President Nixon that inked the holiday and made it official in 1972.

Did you know that there is an official flower for Father’s Day? And it happens to be a rose. In honor of fathers, you are supposed to wear a red rose in your lapel to honor your living father and a white one if you father is deceased.

It should come as no surprise that almost 20 percent of Father’s Day cards and picked out by wives for their spouse. The other 50 percent of cards are sent to dads by their offspring. Awww. The remaining 30 percent are sent to grandpas, uncles, brothers, sons or someone that played a father role in their lives.

Father’s Day is the fourth largest holiday that sends out the most greeting cards. In fact, approximately, 95 million cards are sent out on Father’s Day each year.

There are currently 24 million married dads with children under the age of 18 in the United States. 29 million men in the U.S are also grandpas and there are 72 million dads overall.

The average price spent on a gift for dads is $116 with the most popular gifts including clothing ($1.3B), special outing ($1.9B), gift cards ($1.0B), electronics ($1.0B).

Wishing all the 72 million dads out there a wonderful and enjoyable Father’s Day!

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