Did you know that the Fourth of July is the holiday that leads to more dogs running away than any other holiday and an estimated 230 injuries to humans directly related to fireworks?

We want you, your pets and your home to stay safe this Fourth of July holiday. Here are some tips for your furry friends and safety tips for fireworks.

For Pets:

  • Make sure your pets have on up-to-date information on their collars and that contact information is correct on their microchips.
  • Keep pets at home and in a crate where the sound of fireworks is muffled.
  • Use a sound machine, television or music to help keep them distracted from the sound of fireworks.
  • Keep the phone number of your vet handy in the off chance that they accidentally ingest fireworks.

For Fireworks:

  • Check your local ordinance on fireworks laws and remember that many counties are under a fire ban as well.
  • Keep a large bucket of water and a water hose nearby to help extinguish fireworks.
  • NEVER try re-lighting a firework that did not go off. Consider it a dud, and drop in the water around 15 minutes after it failed to light.
  • NEVER allow a child to light fireworks.
  • Don’t drink and light fireworks. Enjoy your libations after the fireworks show.
  • Wear safety glasses while shooting off fireworks. Most of the injuries sustained while lighting fireworks involve burns to hands and eyes.
  • Only light one firework at a time.
  • NEVER light fireworks near a building and this goes double for bottle rockets that could land on the roof of a homeowner.
  • Last, but NOT least before disposing of your fireworks, spray them down well with that water hose and place in a metal receptacle or trash can.