Celebrate Lane Courtesy Month in June with these Driving Courtesy Tips

//Celebrate Lane Courtesy Month in June with these Driving Courtesy Tips

Celebrate Lane Courtesy Month in June with these Driving Courtesy Tips

Did you know that June is Lane Courtesy Month? Yup, as in, traffic lane courtesy month. Drivers that dart, weave and engage in the good ol’ fashion, cut you off in traffic lanes could take a few of these tips on the road.

Lane courtesy not only curbs road rage, it makes the roads overall safer for Florida drivers and even saves you some dough on those rising gas prices.

Here is a list of ways you can be more courteous to other drivers this month and throughout the year, according to the Nationalist Motorist Association:

Stay right while driving and use the left lane to pass.   This is not just a courtesy but is an actual traffic law in some states. Even if it’s not a law, driving in the right lane while only using the left to pass allows the flow of traffic to be steady and gives drivers the opportunity to pass instead of the temptation to tailgate. Here is a map with states that have the left lane passing laws on the books. 

Use your turn signals.   Need to turn or pass? A good rule of thumb is to turn on your signal around 100 feet BEFORE you change lanes or make your turn. While using your turn signal is largely ignored by many drivers, it’s essential in a climate where distracted driving is on the rise and is ever-prevalent today.

Don’t drive while distracted.   The biggest culprit to distracted driving is texting or using your cell phone while behind the wheel. However, this also applies to other activities that should be done at the sink or table such as shaving, eating a hamburger or making entertainment changes.

Merge.    For the love of all that is holy, allow fellow drivers to merge. This applies to interstates and roads of all distances. No driver is a fan of a lane that forces you to come to stop or slow down and play chicken trying to find a spot in the flow of traffic.

Wear seat belts.   Everyone riding in your vehicle should have their own seat and own designated seat belt. Most importantly, they should be using it even if it wrinkles their outfit or feels uncomfortable across your chest. Seat belts are designed to keep you from flying through the windshield and clicking in that seat belt saves lives.

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