AAA Study Shows Drivers Have Significantly Less Stopping Time on Worn Tires

The only thing predictable about Florida’s summer months are the afternoon thunderstorms and random “gully washers” that instantaneously flood roads and streets. New research released by AAA this week shows that Florida drivers traveling on highways with worn tires in wet conditions could have a hard time stopping. In fact, the increased average stopping distance [...]

New Research Shows Teens Happier When Not on Smartphones

Smartphones are not just a danger of distracted driving and teen drivers, it also impedes overall happiness and self-esteem, according to a recent study published by San Diego State University and the University of Georgia. The study results were compiled using data from approximately 1.1 million teens living in the United States. Over the last [...]

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Summer Safe Driving Campaign Starts this Week in Florida and Four Other States

Heads up Florida drivers. In an effort to curb traffic accidents and fatalities, Florida police have joined four other states to launch, “Operation Southern Shield.” The weeklong program started this week and includes: Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. As part of the campaign, police will be cracking down on drivers that are not [...]