Spring is in the air, along with the dreaded pollen and allergens floating inside and outside of your home. Another dreaded step is knowing where to start on Spring cleaning.

Here is a handy guide for Florida homeowners on how to get started and maximize your spring cleaning efforts.

Start with the easiest room:

Decluttering your home is never easy and can be overwhelming when you look at the enormous amount of work ahead. Professional organizers recommend scheduling which rooms you will tackle first and go from there. Typically, starting with simpler goals that are reachable will help build momentum.

Top to bottom:

What goes up must come down and the goes double for dust bunnies. Take on the dust on ceiling fans, and corners first so that you can ensure it’s eliminated when you are cleaning the floor and baseboards.

Don’t overlook the windows and windowsills:

Dust and dirt love clinging to windowsills, screens and the inside and outside of the windows. Using a damp cloth, wipe the sill, blinds and clean the inside and outside of the windows (that you can reach).  A good vinegar solution will make your windows shine without any harmful chemicals. Here is a link to how to make a vinegar cleaning solution

Wipe out:

Wipe down all your cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and storage rooms. Chances are, there is a heavy build-up of general grime from hands, grease from cooking, etc. Here is a link to how to properly clean all the cabinets in your home and the right DIY cleaning solutions.

Clear the air:

Replace your HVAC and furnace filters with hypo-allergenic filters. You should replace them every 3-4 months, to keep your home allergen free.