Halloween always takes on a scarier tone when the it falls on a weekday. Here are 10 safety tips for kids, homeowners and pet owners.

-Keep pathways open and clear or leaves branches or debris. If possible, swap out using candles and use battery-operated tea lights or candles.

-Be sure that your child’s costume does not trip them up or obstruct their vision while navigating the sidewalks in search of candy.

-Children should always have a responsible adult or teen with them while trick-or-treating and NEVER allow them to cross streets between parked vehicles.

-Carry flashlights, glow sticks or even reflective tape to help drivers see your little ghoul or goblin.

-Trick-or-treat homes and neighborhoods that you know and only visit homes that are participating in Halloween and have their porch lights on.

-Keep pets crated where they are the safest and feel the most secure.

-NEVER enter the home of a stranger. Treats can be easily and safely tossed from the front door.

-Inspect candies or treats before handing them off to your trick-or-treaters. Toss out any treats that appear to be tampered with or are missing a wrapper or packaging.

Drivers should be on high alert for kids that might be darting between cars and failed to use a crosswalk when looking to score candy.